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At a very early age, Krystal felt that she would devote her life to art, without knowing which art she would choose. Her artistic expression begins with the publication of her first poems at the age of 7. But rapidly, she drifts toward music and painting. To her mind, ?Art is a big whole, a dialogue of hard and fast rule that divides itself into several alphabets?, anyway.
However, her very various interests push her on the way of diverse studies that will enrich her pictorial inspirations later on. She goes to university where she studies medieval literature and Celtic fantasy and in 1999, she presents her master thesis on symbolism in two anonymous Arthurian novels. This literary background manifests itself in her paintings which combine Celtic mythology and medieval aesthetics.
At the same time, she starts studying the piano at the Parisian ?Ecole Normale?. As it was the source of inspiration for her first paintings, music keeps a significant role in her imaginary world: the Celtic harp, which she will later discover, becomes a recurring evocation in her works of art that are increasingly more personal.
As she prefers to intuitively develop her talent, she allows her paintings to evolve with her various passions. She finds an inspiration that is close to hers in the Pre-Raphaelites, particularly in the work of John William Waterhouse and Sir Blair Leighton. Her great admiration for Tolkien enabled her to discover talented illustrators among his contemporaries such as Ted Nasmith, Alan Lee, John Howe, or Donato Giancola, who will influence her work on both thematic and technical levels (drawing, watercolour).
Her world is also close to Wojtek Siudmak?s work, in which she admires the powerfully evocative symbolism. After meeting him in 2001, she definitely decides to work in the field of graphic arts.
Since then, her paintings have found their way into the marvellous, that of elves and fairies, that of fantasy, that which allows the dashes of the soul to explore the depths of the human being, with a dream as the guide.
As she cares about crushing her pigments, manufacturing her varnishes and her boiled oils, her workshop can become an alchemical laboratory, in harmony with the universe of her works of art.
Many female characters are present in her themes. These women may look fragile, like the pre-Raphaelite Muses, but they have the power to tame the wildlife. While the man believes he has to fight the dragon and kill him, the woman tames him, feeds him and turns him into a docile animal.
Working as both a painter and an illustrator, her time is shared between exhibitions (In Paris, Lyon, Epinal?), covers for various magazines and Webzines (Khimaira, Deep Magic?) and illustrated books.
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